2_chi_energy_ju99.My experience with Chi Orgone Generator.

4 or 5 years ago i came across information about William Reich and his study in a field of Orgone energy. In 1946 he discovered and scientificly described energy called Orgone which often compared to Life Energy known as Chi in Chinese Tai Chi teachings or Prana in the Indian Yogi tradition.Internet was full of controversial material on the subject and it was not so easy to make my own opinion until i decided to try one of devices , famous black boxes that mostly availible on ebay. My first orgone chi generator was cheap model from Karl Welz model JU99.Chi generator as it was described was able to accumulate and amplify life energy.


I put it on my computer table, and it was supposed that it will serve as protection from hazard of EMF going from wifi and cell phones.Also sometimes i placed glass of water near JU99 to charge it with chi energy.


At that time i started practicing some tai chi exercises and started being more sensitive to energies of the world.


To my subjective point of view it was some gentle flow of some cold energy coming from the silver tube in front of Ju 99 .After reading web sites and forums on the subject of orgone i came to conclusion that there is pretty big newage kinda  community dwelling on this orgone and orgonite subject and it created a colletive field of believers where placebo effect could easily take place.


My first verification of its work happened when once, before going to bed i put device near my bed approximately in 50-60 cm from my head .I was tired and drowsy and started going in a dream state but in 20-30 minutes woke up. It was not usual kind of insomnia but feeling that i’m refreshed ,have energy and ready for some usual activities .When i made connection that it may be caused by by ju99 standing too close to my bed I took it away to different corner of the room and then felt asleep very fast. So it was working and there definitely was some flow of energy coming out of it.



Second time was another major verification. Usually during last years of my life I had no depressions or anxiety and was mostly feeling cool all the time.And at one moment in spring suddenly i found myself in a state of worry, some unconditional fear and anxiety.I started analyzing what could be the source on this unpleasant state and applying principle of cause and effect was looking where it came from. The day before there was a party in our backyard and 8-10 people were hanging till late night smoking, drinking some beer having conversations and everybody seemed to have fun.(Need to mention that i don’t drink alcohol at all and smoke only tobacco.)


And this unpleasant state happened right after the party .


The possible explanation that i found that i hooked some negative energetic info- structure  from one of my guests and it sticked to me.Sometimes person in low state can affect your state unintentionally, as a resonance or allegorically speaking as a inductor of a mood.( in


magical tradition they called Larva (larvae lat.)and described as simpliest energetic parasite in info-energetic field of a man, or it can be described as primitive spirit using negative human energy as food)5498130


People who are familiar with bio-energetic practices will understand what I’m talking about.


In the morning i woke up in the same unpleasant emotional state and spent in it whole day until late night.Early in the morning about 4  am Intuitively came idea to clean myself with ju99. I took device and started slowly moving it pointing silver tube around my neck and head keeping it in 3-5 cm from the surface.It miraculously worked as energetic sword, and in 2 minutes bad feeling was gone.


I sat quietly observing change of my inner state. It was compared to a feeling that suddenly i was free of  hard burden.I was pleasantly shocked.In two minutes inner state dramatically changed from worry and anxiety back to normal cool state.It was like some info-energetic cloud that was enjoying my negative state was cut from me or destroyed.




2 thoughts on “JU99

  1. Great
    Hello my self rajat bhushan . Iam an indian and know about this prana shakti (chi or orgone) . Around a year ago i found about it and want to buy it too. But iam not able to buy it due to expenaive price and in india it becomes much toi expensive .
    But this discovery is great and i will soon try to buy .

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